Friday, February 14, 2014

Headlines of the Day Click The Link; Read The Story

Headlines of the Day
Click The Link; Read The Story

Friday February 14, 2014

     Happy Valentine's Day. Below you will find headlines of stories that I have read today and want to share them with people. If you see a headline that sparks your interest, just click on it and you will be whisked away to read the story. Thank you for stopping by, enjoy your day. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Headlines of Interest, Click the Headline; Read the story

Wednesday February 12, 2014

Below you will find some headlines of stories that got my attention today. My closest friends know that I talk about what is going on around the world. Rather than writing little summaries of all the stories for my friends and readers, I have decided to post links to some stories that I believe are relevant to the world around us.

If you see a headline that might interest you, just click on the title and read the original story where I get my information. Thank you for stopping by. 

Chilling: Why An Underreported 'Significant Incident or Domestic Terrorism' Might Not Be A Failed Attack At All

Sinkhole Collapses Part of National Corvette Museum in Kentucky

Iran Sending 'Rust Buckets' Into Atlantic Ocean

Ted Cruz to Fight Simple Majority Vote on Debt Limit Increase

Poll: 68 Oppose Bonuses for IRS Employees

Iran Warns Ready For 'Decisive Battle' With US and Israel

Obama speaks out on Iran, Syria Struggles

Obama says U.S. will deal harshly with violators of Iran sanctions

Did you know about the shooting at the Tennessee Nuclear Power Plant in April 2013?

Nearly 20 Minutes of shooting at California Power Plant in April 2013


Homeland Security Buys More Bullets

YEAR OLD STORY...Why is Homeland Security Using Pregnant Women, Children, and Elderly People as Targets?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Raiders drop to 0-8 with loss to Walton-Verona Bearcats 48-16

     The Trimble County High School Football Raiders traveled north last Friday night to take on the Walton Verona Bearcats. The 0-7 Raiders were looking for their first win of the season and the Bearcats were hoping to improve on their season record of 6-2. The Bearcats suffered a 23-19 loss to Gallatin County the previous week, while the Raiders fell to Owen County 19-6.
     The Raiders offense took the field first with T.J. Payton and Tevin Taylor sharing quarterback responsibilities. Just after last week’s loss to Owen County Coach Franklin said there was not much confidence in the passing game because of injuries. In a dramatic turn around, his game plan for the Bearcats would be to put the ball in the air. The offensive line stood their ground to protect their quarterbacks. Unfortunately, they were only able to complete 23% of their pass attempts, collectively.  One notable catch came late in the first quarter when Payton tossed the ball to Taylor who threw the ball deep to Chaylen Sedam. Sedam took the ball to the eight-yard line, making it a 72-yard completion and run.  Regrettably, the Raiders were unable to finish that drive and turned the ball over on downs to the Bearcats.
     The Bearcats scored 48 points before the Raiders could respond. Near the middle of the third quarter, the Raiders put together a seven-minute drive that would culminate in a touchdown. On third and seven, Taylor completed a pass to Payton for the 20-yard touchdown and later the same pair connected to score the extra points after the touchdown. With 38 seconds left in the third quarter, the Raiders were down 48-8, but showed no signs of retreat.
   On the next Bearcats drive, it was clear that the Raiders offense had inspired their defense to start tackling better, which allowed the offense to get back on the field for one last score. Trimble County’s Bo Hawkes scored the final touchdown and extra points for the Raiders. Despite their valiant second half effort, the Raiders closed out the game losing 48-16.
     The Raiders (0-8) will be playing in Carroll County this week against the Panthers (3-5).  Carroll County is coming into the game following a 48-7 victory over Owen County last Friday. The game between the Raiders and Panthers is set to begin at 7:30PM in Carrollton at the Carroll County High School Football stadium. It looks to be a cold night for football so bring your stadium blankets and extra clothes to come out and support the Raiders as they look for their first win of the season.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TCMS Football Finishes with a 4-4 Record

     The Trimble County Middle School Football Raiders were 4-2 when the Owen County Rebels came into Bedford Thursday, September 26. The Rebels delivered what would be the knockout punch to the Raiders when they returned the opening kick for a touchdown. Although, the Raiders showed signs of the fortitude that earned them a team record of 4-2, they played like a bunch of whipped pups as they went on to lose 38-0.

     Just five days later, Tuesday, October 1, the Warriors from Eminence came into town on a mission to beat the Raiders. The Raiders kicked off to the Warriors to open the game, but the Raiders were certain not to start the game like the last one and shut down the return after a minimal gain. On the Warriors first offensive play from scrimmage, their Quarterback dropped back, to launch a perfect pass to the Wide Receiver that he was able to run for a 60-yard touchdown. The Raiders were deflated only 17 seconds into the game but their pride would not allow them to give up another shut out at home. Late in the second quarter and being down 14-0, the Raiders marched all the way to the Warriors ten-yard line before the Warriors intercepted a pass and returned it for a 90-yard touchdown. The end of the first half score was 20-0 in favor of the Warriors.

     At halftime, the Trimble County Youth Tackle Football League players and coaches were introduced to the community. President of the league, Daniel Cull said the enthusiasm for football among parents and players in the county continues to grow every year. Cull is in his fourth year presiding over the league and has seen a steady increase in players every year since he became president of the league.

     Back to the game, The Warriors piled on another 16 unanswered points by the beginning of the fourth quarter. Down 36-0, the Raiders offense had one more shot to get on the scoreboard before the end of the season. Raiders head coach Mike Isley put together one last group of plays for the team to have a chance to score. The offensive line dug in their heels to protect Quarterback Cole Wright long enough for him to hurl the pigskin to Nick McCutchen who ran for a 40-yard Raider touchdown. Stevie Swanger scored the 2-point conversion, but the Raiders ran out of time to make a comeback and went on to lose 36-8.

    Now the offseason begins. Raiders Coach Mike Isley along with assistants Joe Perkinson and Harold Crawford can rest on the reality that their team finished at .500 and something to build on next season.


Trimble County Board of Education Meets September 18, 2013

     The Trimble County Board of Education met for its regularly scheduled meeting last Wednesday in the school’s administration building. Robert Arvin, an accountant with the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative Financial Services, introduced the final budget to board members to approve for the 2013-’14 school year. He explained the changes from the projected budget back in the spring were due to a decrease in the average daily attendance, which total around a 1.4 million dollar shortfall.  Arvin continued that there was an increase in funds in the general account totally almost a million dollars and that would be helpful. The annual budget for Trimble County Schools is around 12.6 million dollars.
     After board members voted unanimously to approve the budget, the conversation about student attendance took place. High School Principal Rachael Adams instructed board members that attendance at her school continues to be a problem. She added that she and many members of her staff and students have been trying to come up with solutions to help her students avoid multiple absences. Adams said there are many different reasons why high school students are missing school.
 “Some students,” Adams said, “are missing school because they are needed at home to care for a sick parent or grandparent. “
      Board members exchanged ideas about ways to reward students for not missing school and agreed that this would be a priority for them to tackle.